Two Softwares of Skyworth Auto Electronics Certified with Copyright

  Skyworth Auto Electronics has harvested new fruits in software development. A few days ago, it received formally the registration certificates for two computer software copyright from the State Copyright Bureau. The two new fruits are Skyworth SD2 vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal system software V0.2 and Skyworth CM2 Vehicle-mounted Navigation Digital TV Software V0.2, which has indicated that the independent research and development capacity of Skyworth Auto Electronics has further improved and been confirmed.

  As reporters learnt from Skyworth Auto Electronics, the two newly developed softwares SD2 V0.2 and CM2 V0.2 are both embedded software, with the features like digital TV, navigation, radio and DVD player. Besides, the former also has features like e-book and notebook. The testing results of CSTC (China Software Testing Center) indicate that the features of both softwares meet the requirement specified in the code for software product registration testing.

According to related personnel with the research and development department of Skyworth Auto Electronics, the CM2 V0.2 software is a core technology of E+ platform series that is currently the main product of Skyworth Auto Electronics. Since the time of being rolled out, the E+ platform series products have been popular in the market for their high cost performance and steady product quality. Besides, the practice of taking the feature of standard configured embedded digital TV as the differentiated selling point (the industry usually adopts the external digital set top box and the digital TV is of optional features) has aroused brand association of Skyworth among the customers, having achieved a nice effect in market promotion. Therefore, it has become the main product of Skyworth Auto Electronics, making great contributions to the steady development of Skyworth Auto Electronics in 2010-2011.
SD 2 V0.2 software is a core technology of Crystal SDS intelligent double system product that is the perspective main product which has been rolled out by Skyworth Auto Electronics. Crystal SDS intelligent double system product is the intelligent vehicle-mounted navigation TV integrating 3G intelligence, vehicle network, entertainment and auto safety as a whole. It makes Skyworth Auto Electronics become an innovator and vanguard to take the lead in the auto network terminal technology henceforth. SDS series products take 800MHZ ARM core as their hardware support, adopt imbedded operation system, with a basic frequency of 800MB and an internal memory of 4G; it fully supports 1080P full HD movies, also compatible for various mainstream video formats like RMVB and MOV, with APE/FLAC high fidelity lossless audio source output, fully embedded CMMB digital TV, real 3D live-action navigation and wide expansion ports; it supports games, software upgrade and ultra-large space movable storage device. In one word, this product truly fulfils super powerful entertainment type configuration of SDS intelligent double system.
The related responsible person of Skyworth Auto Electronics expressed, currently under the increasingly fierce competition and reshuffle in the auto electronics industry, we shall pace up the improvement of our independent research and development capacity to get away from the shackles of being limited by solution suppliers so as to seek development with our ceaseless innovation in products and technologies in such a times of too many cheap copies and serious homogenization of products.