Skyworth Automobile Electronics Launched Its First Panoramic Parking System

Four Electronic Eyes Render You a Clear 360-degree Panorama of the Parking Environment
Recently, the 2012 China’s Auto Aftermarket Business Intelligence Senior Seminar and the Six Regional Itinerant Exhibitions of National Auto Modification Products staged the first showcase in Chengdu, attracting nearly 30 representatives of 4S store groups and 30 powerful auto aftermarket enterprises among the Global 500 List from all over the country to join in. Skyworth Auto Electronics brought its new CRV vehicle navigation, Camry vehicle navigation and 360-degree panoramic parking system, all of which drew great attention from numerous leaders of celebrated 4S Store Groups in the auto industry.
At the exhibition, Skyworth Automobile Electronics displayed a video clip and released the new auto safety electronic product – 360-degree panoramic parking system, which installs the wide-angle cameras on the front, rear, left and right parts of the car. By means of distortion correction technology, virtual bird’s-eye view switch, image stitching technique and other technologies, the system forms a complete picture that explicitly reveals the vehicle surrounding on the display screen and enables the driver to view the blind spots clearly at the front, rear, left and right directions, realizing 360-degree non-blind areas around the carparking for better safety.
We can see from the video clip that the reverse picture is presented on the navigation screen. The left side of the screen shows the bird’s-eye view of the whole car which is to offer real time information about the vehicle surrounding and wipe out all blind spots while reversing, and the right side of the screen revealed the situation behind the car through the rear camera.
It was rare to see such advanced parking system before in auto market except a handful of luxury cars. The Skyworth 360-degree panoramic parking system is tagged at a reasonable price, compatible to various car models. The vast majority of car owners are sure to enjoy this the device of luxury car, which is easy to install without alternating any other car devices and without causing any damage to the original car lines.
The launch of the product, like a blockbuster, awakens the entire auto electronic industry that only constant innovation and dedication can help enterprise gain market recognition, which is the very path that Skyworth Auto Electronics has been following. 

360-degree Panoramic Parking Auxiliary System
Perfectly Embed Cameras into the Car; Leave the Original Car Style Intact
Front, Left, Right, Rear

Acquire a panoramic view of the car surrounding, more explicit
Cover image information of different angers, more inclusive
Assist the driving under complicate situations, more secure