Senior Executives of Skyworth Watched the Launching of Shenzhou IX, Explored Cooperation with Aerospace Experts
Senior Executives of Skyworth Watched the Launching of Shenzhou IX, Explored Cooperation with Aerospace Experts
On the night of June 15, as the partner for the aerospace cause of China, Skyworth was present at Jiuquan satellite launching base to witness the historical event. Li Congxiang, the brand supervisor and news spokesperson of Skyworth Group, Li Bo, the HR director of Skyworth marketing headquarter (China Region), and Yang Xiaojun, the director of advertisement department watched the launching of Shenzhou IX on June 16 and met with the leaders of China Space Foundation to explore deep for further cooperation between two sides.
Since Skyworth Group became a “partner of China’s aerospace cause”, it has always sticked to the developing direction of “supporting the aerospace cause and building the quality of aerospace level”. It has introduced the zero-fault and zero-deficiency quality system of aerospace engineering into the research, development and production of Skyworth products while fully supporting the development of China’s aerospace cause.
Before this visit, Skyworth has invited Zhang Jianchao, the director general of China Space Foundation and the former commander in chief for the system of launching site of China manned aerospace engineering to give management training to the mid-and-high level leaders of Skyworth Group headquarter. Two sides also exchanged ideas on key engineering issues like how to handle the relationship between product quality improvement, product innovation and investment.
This time the senior executives of Skyworth Group watched the launching of Shenzhen IX at the site, also with a purpose to further discuss with the aerospace experts on how to implement the quality control system of aerospace to manufacture terminal products that meet the quality of aerospace level. Skyworth Group emphasized: the mid-and-high level leaders shall apply the philosophy and experience of “quality is life, success talks and quality goes before speed” that’s prevailing in the quality control of aerospace products into each link of the enterprise management, according to the concrete situation of the enterprise.
News background:
From the last third of May to the first third of June, the top management team with China Space Foundation has paid two visits to Skyworth Group headquarter. The team promised to actively play a bridging role during the process of “transfer of military technology to civil use, transfer of civil technology to military use, integration of military and civil technologies” and provide concrete support to the partner of China’s aerospace cause.