Skyworth Car Electronics Presents New Products in Shenyang- SDS Series Car Navigation System
Skyworth Car Electronics Presents New Products in Shenyang
- SDS Series Car Navigation System Playing HD Movies for Customers

As a saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” Shenyang Office of Skyworth Car Electronics staged an event themed on “full HD streaming media playing HD blockbusters for you” creatively in light of market characteristics and product features, to let the customers experience the full HD streaming media playing function of SDS car navigation system, winning high praise among the customers.
Through carefully analyzing the market and taking into account the specialty of SDS products, Shenyang Office took the powerful entertaining feature of SDS series as the selling point unparalleled by other rivals.
It’s known to us that the navigation products in the market, including some outstanding car navigation system manufacturers, have already publicized the powerful features like HD video playing and 3G internet on ads and magazines though, these features still haven’t found any actual use in car navigation systems. The reason for that is the bad environment in the cars. The special environment in cars requires that car navigation systems must be able to work normally under a high temperature, resistant to coldness, dust and violent shaking. With the adding of more functions, it requires more hardware support and new software drivers which will only result in more instability. That is a most urgent issue to tackle for all manufacturers of navigation systems. In fact, Skyworth SDS car navigation systems are the first ever in China to support the playing of streaming media like 1080P full HD RMVB and mp5.
Currently car navigation systems that support videos of MP4 and GPGE are not so good in the displaying effect. Plus the playing of HD streaming media is already available in other industries, people poses a higher and higher requirement on car navigation system. SDS series happens to fill the market gap of car navigation systems in the playing of HD streaming media. It supports the playing of 1080P full HD streaming media, perfectly support HD RMVB decoding, namely, MP5 format, fully downward compatible with video formats like RMVB, MPEG4, MP4, WMV, ASF and 3GP and the audio formats of FLAC, ACC, WMA, MP3 and EAAC+. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with a professional audio digital signal processor to truly reproduce the pure and delicate perfect effect of high fidelity sound source; it supports picture formats like JPGE, BMP, GIP and PND, also with the function of slide show, to present the car owners with a visual feast.
In the first-hand experience by the reporters, a U disc is inserted into the USB port to read the 1080P HD video clips stored in the U disc. The formats of these videos include AVI, RMVB and RM. It’s found that the video is playing smoothly. During the playing, the progress bar can be adjusted at will and the playing progress can also be selected at will. With a finger lightly double clicking the screen, the video will shift to the full screen, just like the operation of double click with a mouse. For the car owners who have got used to the computer operation, such a specific function quite fits their using habit. Besides, no delaying occurs in the video playing and the video is still clear and bright under a strong light. Other than different kinds of popular network videos, it can also read lossless music formats like APE and FLAC. And it can support a mobile memory device of 500G at the most, which has greatly enriched and expanded the entertainment resources.