The Pride of Private Enterprises! Skyworth Boosted the Launch of Shenzhou IX

It was another good day for China Aerospace on June 16: After “kissing” farewell to Shenzhou VIII last year, the Tiangong-1 “embraced” Shenzhou IX again, staging a romantic dating in the outer space. The three astronauts would enter the Tiangong-1 to work and live and carry out scientific experiments, making the dream of exploring outer space one step closer. This manned spacecraft performed the first space-docking mission of the nation, symbolizing that the space industry of China had established a new milestone. Moreover, the “Shenzhou IX” mission unprecedentedly involved a female astronaut for the first time. Thus the famous Chinese legend of “Flying Goddess”, coming down from generation to generation, has now come into reality.
As China aerospace industry came under the international spotlights once again, Skyworth, being the only “partner of the aerospace industry of China” in the color TV industry, dispatched a delegation to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base and witnessed the significant historical moment.
“The partner of the aerospace industry of China” is the highest-level cooperation type of China aerospace industry, which means that Skyworth’s products, technologies and services enjoy the exclusive rights and interests to use the logo of “partner of the aerospace industry of China” within its realm of business scope.
In 2007, in the basis of in-depth contact and communication, the China Space Foundation carried out rigorous survey on Skyworth, involving production, R & D base and conducted research on market conditions and cognitive process of consumers etc. After the survey, the Foundation formally designated Skyworth as the “partner of the aerospace industry of China” in April that year. The Skyworth TVs, mobile phones, security monitors are designated as "dedicated products for China’s aerospace industry”. As an enterprise with three main products designated as dedicated products for China’s aerospace industry at the same time, Skyworth set a precedent for future enterprises. 
    As early as October 2004, when China’s first manned spacecraft blasted off into the sky, it was the security monitor produced by Skyworth that guarded the safety of the launch base with vigilance day and night, which indicated that Skyworth’s products had met the high-quality and high-reliability requirements of China’s aerospace industry and built the basis for the cooperation between Skyworth and China aerospace industry. The secretary-general, Huo Guangyao, praised that “Skyworth is an outstanding national brand, as China is dedicated to the great cause to gain independent status in the international arena, China’s aerospace industry needs great attention and strong support from national enterprises like Skyworth” in the Plate Awarding Ceremony held in 2007. He also said, “After strict inspection and survey, China’s aerospace industry believes that Skyworth’s good brand image and excellent product quality meet the requirements of aerospace industry. We will work together to write the most wonderful chapter of national brand supporting national scientific and technological development.”
In 2011, Skyworth was once again granted by China Space Foundation the honorary title of “partner of the aerospace industry of China”, lasting until Dec. 2015, which once again proved that the experts in China’s aerospace industry highly recognized the product series of Skyworth. 
Over the years, with its leading technology, superb manufacturing process and marketable quality products, Skyworth provided people with wonderful audio-visual life. Skyworth’s color TVs, mobile phones and monitors won awards at home and abroad, being considered as the paradigm of the industry. By virtue of its aerospace spirits, aerospace technology and aerospace quality, Skyworth carefully designed and produced its products which had been highly recognized by the aerospace experts, building a symbolic landmark for Skyworth series products.
The secretary general, Huo Guangyao introduced that, the development of aerospace industry is to make peaceful use of the outer space and promote human civilization and social progress for the wellbeing of all mankind, making greater contribution to China’s great cause to stand erect at the wood of world race. The aerospace cause represents the most sophisticated level of China’s science and technology, while the aerospace spirit refers to the “patriotism, strong army, independence, innovation” spirit. China Space Foundation selected Skyworth as the “partner of the aerospace industry of China” not only because of Skyworth’s outstanding technological strength and leading position in color TV industry, but also because of the common concept of “independent innovation” and the mission and ideal of “for the glory of motherland, for the wellbeing of mankind”.
As a national electronic brand, Skyworth has been taking the road of self-reliance and independent innovation since its inception. Innovation is one of the core concepts of Skyworth, whose corporate song is Skyworth innovates the future. As the leading brand in color TV industry, Skyworth has always been insisting on the professional route for 24 years, devoting itself to R & D and marketing of color TV products and leading the industry to make technological upgrade and product transformation for many times. In 2009, Skyworth took the lead to announce to shut down the CRT (CRT products), causing a great shock in the industry. When the competitors were questioning its decision and believing that the shutdown of CRT products would seriously affect the sales in the second, third and fourth markets, Skyworth color TVs had introduced its LCD TVs into thousands of households at a fast pace through waves of promotion activities, enabling consumers to enjoy the wonderful green life brought by the new generation of energy-saving and high-definition TVs for the first time and taking concrete actions to respond to the national call for energy saving and environmental protection. In 2008, Skyworth launched the first energy-efficient and ultra-thin LED products which gained rapid market acceptance and became the favorite choice of every household due to its better energy-saving design and good image quality. In 2012, Skyworth intensified its independent innovation and R & D once again, determined to implement the strategy of transition to high-end TV products to meet the changing needs of consumers. Until now, Skyworth has released the Cloud TV, setting the precedent in the industry and attracting many brands home and aboard to join in the field. It also took the lead to launch the ultra-narrow framed Artificial Intelligence Cloud TV equipped with Dr. Voice and the seamless Cloud Health TV, the single-chip machine without external set-top box, pushing forward the technological upgrading and product transformation of color TV industry.
    It is known that Skyworth’s mission is to introduce Skyworth products into millions of families and let people of difference countries and different nationalities enjoy the wonder and fun of digital audio-visual life. Skyworth’s course of development is a microcosm of the self-reliant and striving endeavor of Chinese national brands, which identifies with the development of Chinese aerospace cause that starts from scratch on its own and develops from weak to strong. Meanwhile, aerospace cause calls for dedication spirit, high quality requirements, and independent research and development, similar to the management culture of Skyworth.
Skyworth Group President Yang Dongwen said that Skyworth would strengthen the cooperation with China’s aerospace industry in terms of products, technologies, funds etc. to support the development of China’s space industry and lead the Chinese electronics industry into an era of space boutique concept. According to the survey, Skyworth had begun the National Space Tour plan in succession over two hundred cities across the country in 2011 to carry out aerospace marketing activities. By cooperating with China’s aerospace industry, the brand of Skyworth will continue and expand all the way.