Skyworth Honored as 5-Star Enterprise for Service Quality

Recently, the 2012 Chinese Customer Satisfaction Handbook which was jointly compiled by CNIS Customer Satisfaction Assessment Center and Tsinghua University Research Center for Chinese Businesses was officially published and issued. Skyworth was honored as a 5-star enterprise for service quality. In the color TV industry, only Skyworth and Haier were granted with the honor.
CNIS Customer Satisfaction Assessment Center was co-established by CNIS and Tsinghua University in 2005, with the approval of General Administration of Quality Supervision. It has made a nationwide customer satisfaction survey for eight consecutive years. Each year, the results of the survey are revealed to the public through the Chinese Customer Satisfaction Handbook, which has won attention and praise from all walks of the society. The assessment center made a survey on the satisfaction degree of household customers in fifty major cities nationwide. In the color TV industry, a total of 21 major brands are investigated for customer satisfaction from the five areas of brand image, cost performance, demand meeting degree, product reliability and service quality. Among the brands, Skyworth was honored as 5-star for service quality. Skyworth has made ceaseless efforts in service quality and has made well praised achievements up to now.
One after Another Honor for Service Quality
For years Skyworth has won numerous honors in the area of service quality. It has won for many times the honors like “advanced enterprise of after-sale service”, “advanced enterprise of quality service”, “top ten best commercial enterprises in China”, “award for outstanding contribution in the maintenance service industry of household electronics and appliance” and has also been voted by users for many times to take the honors like “most-worth-buying product”, “enterprise satisfactory to users” and “customers’ favorite product”. In 2009, Skyworth won the honors like “excellent enterprise in the service of household appliance for the rural areas” and “Class-A enterprise in product after-sale service”; in 2010, it has won honors like “advanced enterprise for service quality” and “enterprise satisfactory to users of Chinese electronic information in 2010”; in 2011, Skyworth’s activity of Volunteers into Communities was selected as one of the “Top ten excellent enterprises of the national service Industry” by the organizing committee of public satisfaction survey for service industry nationwide; in 2012, following the year of 2009, 2010, Skyworth won the honor of “national advanced enterprise for quality service” for three consecutive years.
The Connotation and Denotation of Service Kept Pace with Time
Under the context of a rapid transformation of color TV products, Skyworth has deeply realized that high-end flat-panel TV like LED TV, 3D TV, intelligent TV and cloud TV are of more functions, more complicated applications and a opener platform compared with common LCD TV. Therefore, they require an after-sale service that is more comprehensive, delicate and professional. Driven by such awareness, the service work of Skyworth has a connotation and denotation totally different from the past: the service work does no longer exist as a supplementary for sales; instead it’s an important and indispensible part of modern marketing. For this, Skyworth has actively make its own service work shift from product support to customer value, from customer satisfaction to customer trust, and from product center to profit center. Skyworth has been dedicated to enhancing the timeliness, expertise and satisfactory degree of its service; during the process of service, it has fulfilled brand promotion, strengthened communication with customers and boosted the direct communication between the brand and the customers, and finally become trustworthy among the customers. It has actively listened to the ideas of customers and developed periphery products around TV, the center product of sitting room to realize value-added service. The core of service has shifted from pure attention on the after-sale service guarantee to a full enhancement of customer value.
Active Exploration into New Mode of Service
Currently, the service work of color TV in the period of transformation is encountered with problems like prolonged product line of maintenance, higher requirement of customers for the timeliness of service, abrupt increase of different inquiries from the customers and unprecedented pressure for the call center. Faced with all these problems, Skyworth Group has integrated different resources to overcome the difficulties, to build a service platform that is of multiple channels and around the clock and actively explore new modes for service marketing. For example, Skyworth has rolled out a series of user friendly measures to improve the quality of door-to-door service. For users of high-end products, Skyworth has adopted the best contact ways, the best service delivery time and other individualized service demands. During the process of service, Skyworth has accurately and timely responded to the needs of customers and met the individual demands of customers to the largest extent. Besides, in light of the characteristics of high-end products, Skyworth has actively carried out for the users a multiple of value-added services like guidance for use and debugging of special functions. It has optimized the work flow for customer return visit management and complaint management, etc. and incorporated the satisfaction degree of customers into the performance assessment system as a key assessment index of working performance. In the industry, Skyworth has taken the initiative to issue the Standards on After-sale Service of LED Back-lit LCD Flat-panel TV to guide various service actions of service personnel with high standard; it has actively responded to the national policies. In the program of “Sending Household Appliance into Rural Areas”, it has greatly expanded and strengthened the maintenance level of Class 3 and 4 outlets so as to ensure the rights and interest of the customers in rural areas.
Yin Zhanjiang, the supervisor of the user service department of Skyworth Group expressed that the survey results of CNIS Customer Satisfaction Assessment Center have fully proved that the service quality of Skyworth has been recognized by the customers. It is also encouraging us to care about the customers, to keep enriching the content of service, optimize the service modes, thereby providing the customers with more professional, excellent and faster service.