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Rear Camera

Image chip                  OV7955
Input  voltage              DC6-36V
Power                          <1w
Pixel                            672*492
Electronic shutter       1/60(NTSC),1/50(PAL),1/10000S

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Rear camera

1) Horizontal/vertical mirror
2) Top-view
3) LDC (lens distortion correction)
4) OSG (Dynamic & Static Parking Guide Line overlay)
5) TBZ (Trailer ball zoom)
6)  Defog function
7) Two or three section views
8)  PIP (Org. & LDC/Top view/Section view)
9)  Motion Detection

Technical parameters:

Image chip                  OV7955
Input  voltage              DC6-36V
Power                     <1w
Pixel                      672*492
Electronic shutter             1/60(NTSC),1/50(PAL),1/10000S
Signal-to noise ratio          50
Definition                  420
System                    PAL/NTSC
Camera angle               180 dgree(horizontal)
Video output               1vpp(75ohm)
Classification of waterproof    IP66
White Balance               auto
Automatic gain control        auto
Backlight Compensation       auto
Working temperature        -30°C to 70°C  Max humidity 95%